Martial Arts Testimonials

Geoff Thompson

Author, screenwriter, BAFTA award winner, motivational speaker martial artist and world authority on self protection.

David Brown is a wonderful teacher with a great wealth of experience and expertise. He is one of those rare teachers that walk their talk. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in changing their lives through martial arts.


Ben Riley

I've been an adult student of ACS Jujitsu since 2013 and what follows is my own personal, long term and honest review. I was nervous at first, as many are, beginning something new but my first contact with Kiran was very positive which lead me to come along and "have a go".

I turned up in a t-shirt and shorts and for the next two hours I had the best time! There was no patronising the new guy, there was no politics or cliques, just genuinely friendly people who were all there to learn something interesting. Chief Instructor David Brown is one of those men who can gently, yet without any pretence of messing about, bring out the best in you. The kind who will inspire you to try your absolute best without thinking about it.

He has studied martial arts of many kinds for years and this plethora of experience is as clear as day in the quality of his teaching. He can teach you the ancient way of performing a technique designed to bring down a sword wielding Samurai just as he can teach you to respond to dangers of a more modern world with more modern techniques.

The classes themselves are varied and each come with a clear purpose and goal. Everyone learns the same techniques be they high grade veterans or newbies in shorts and t-shirts with each person pursuing their own individual training goals nearer the end of the session. The instructors have excellent skill in adapting techniques to suit the one doing them so that everyone can find what works for them and achieve the results of training. The traditional Japanese formalities are observed to an extent with a bow to Sensei (instructor/teacher) at the beginning and end of the session but that's about as far as It goes.

No need to learn a new language just to participate! My confidence has grown massively since starting training with ACS Jujitsu, I've met some great people and learned some fantastic life skills and I've discovered that my "limitations" aren't so much limits, more "suggestions". You can always improve, why not start now?


Emma Jenkins

My kids have been doing Jujitsu for a few years now and they love it. It has helped develop their confidence and social skills. They have also gained skills in First Aid and Kewap (knives and edge weapon awareness programme) I would highly recommend it.


Dorota Marzynska

It has been a few years since my daughter start to attend ACS Magfa junior lessons,she goes there twice a week and like it very much. Children gain valuable skills through activities, games, competitions as well as proper trainings. Teachers work hard to develop their students not only physically but mentally and spiritually (especially Sensei David, he is a mentor and role model to my daughter). It's a very good place for child to learn how to be respectful, how to protect and discipline himself. Great value for the money.


Omer Caglar

Great place for both kids and adults to learn self defence and more.