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Mini Ninjas (was smart clubz)

Smart ClubZ originated as an after-school club initiative aimed at introducing young children, ages 4-6 to some of the basic principles of martial arts in a fun, lively and safe environment.

These are not martial arts clubs, as young children find it difficult understanding the complexities of martial arts training and what it represents in terms of complicated practice and safety, anyway all that marching up and down punching thin air is boring stuff when you’re four (also boring when you're 44 as well!)

The Mini Ninjas/Smart ClubZ essence is:

We encourage children to embrace and understand the value of respect, highlighting its importance in everyday life, at home, at school and especially at play and all activities are geared towards the children’s safety, which in the end all lead to Fun, Fun Fun!

Everything we do is geared towards the children’s safety, this means that instructors and coaches must recognise elements or conditions of unsafe play quickly and halt proceedings accordingly to address the situation.

In many instances, because the message is key to all activities undertaken in, the children will often highlight or address an issue of safety themselves.

We also run ACS Mini Ninja sessions at our ACS MAGFA centre for 4-6 year olds. If you are a school, work in a school or a parent that thinks their children's school might benefit from one of these classes, then please don't hesistate to contact us - we can even supply a FREE taster class.

The following schools have hosted Smart Clubz (now called Mini Ninjas) sessions

If you'd like more information about our Mini Ninjas/Smart Clubz classes please use our contact page to get in touch